ShapeShifter by Flamefusion

ShapeShifter by Flamefusion 5.0

It is a freeware clipboard manager that extends the Windows clipboard
5.0.0 (See all)

Flamefusion’s Shapeshifter is an excellent clipboard management application. If you are already using a clipboard manager that you are comfortable with, then this might not be the app for you; but somebody looking for a clipboard manager, Shapeshifter is just the app.

Unsurpassed compatibility. We're proud to have the only clipboard manager out there that truly supports any clipboard format you throw at it.
Elegant design. Shapeshifter adapts to your Aero color theme in Windows, and features a design that is very friendly for the human eye.
Exceptional stability. We update Shapeshifter daily to keep you up-to-date with the latest performance improvements and feature updates.
No need to change existing habbits. Use CTRL + C to copy, hold down CTRL + V to manage. It truly feels natural and doesn't require you to get used to anything.
Supports any language. We support text copied in every language that exists on earth. Furthermore, Shapeshifter has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Russian and German. New translations are constantly added.
1-second installation. Installs in no time, runs fast and smooth and uninstalls in no time. Definitely worth a try!

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